Property Fee Calculator

Your applicable property fees - what they could be

Property fees are a fact of life for any property investor. It’s essential you factor them into your budgeting. This financial calculator looks at your location, investment type and other factors to easily calculate your property fees. Once you have this number you’ll be better able to plan for your financial future.

Property Fee Calculator


Loan Repayment Calculator

Your loan repayments - what would they be?

With this financial calculator you’ll be able to secure a reliable repayment guide. It’s based on your loan, your term and your interest rate. Once you have your repayment figure, you’ll be able to apply it to your budgeting, allowing you to better roadmap your financial future.

Loan Repayments Calculator

How Much Can I Borrow?

Your borrowing potential - find out here

Calculating how much you can feasibly borrow: it’s your first step to putting yourself in the right financial position.

This calculator gathers your loan details, income and expenses to work out a ballpark figure of how much you can borrow while maintaining your financial stability.

Calculate My Borrowing Potential